Our Team



Jade, Manager
Everyone loves Jade and when we say this, we really mean it! Jade joined our team at the start of our busiest period in June 2021 and quickly became invaluable to us. She manages all day to day aspects and is involved directly in ensuring that everything that leaves our kitchen, is to absolute perfection! Jade is an avid motor racing fan often seen cheering on high performance speed demons and enjoys spending time with her two daughters. She also keeps the team in absolute hysterics with her stories and tales!


Claire, Team Leader
Our wonderful Claire joined us within days of Jade and their what we call the dynamic duo! Want things done? These these two are definitely your team! Claire supports Jade in the running of the coffee house and is also responsible for team training and is our designated social gathering organiser! Claire lives just down the road in an absolutely gorgeous house with her lovely husband David and her two children. Fun fact? Claire can't say the word Birmingham!