COVID-19 Safety

We already appreciate the difficulties you will be facing whilst trying to arrange small gatherings or celebrations during these trying times. Our guidelines noted below serve to provide you with sufficient information in regards to how our staff members and managers will operate during your private function or event and also offers details on our guidelines for bookings. 


How many people can I have at my private event?
As per the government guidelines, the total maximum number of people who are allowed to attend a private event at any one time is 30. Numbers will be monitored very closely and we are afraid that we are unable to provide any 'leniency' on this. 

Will all my guests have to fill in a track and trace form?
We ask that the lead member of the party signs a track and trace form filling in all of the relevant information required. This must be completed prior to your guests arriving. Failure to comply with this will normally result in the event being cancelled. We take our safety responsibility very seriously and are committed to ensuring the health of all of our visitors.

Can I have canapes or a buffet?
We do serve canapes on individual platters and they each have their own cocktail sticks to ensure no cross contamination. Unfortunately, you cannot have a traditional buffet at the moment. You can however, seat your guests at dedicated tables in our outdoor and indoor spaces and food can be shared per table only.

Do we have to wear masks?
Persons eating and drinking our premises do not have to wear masks.

What is your cleaning regime?
We have a very strict cleaning regime in place to ensure that all spaces are kept tidy at all times. This includes bleaching down all individual spaces and disinfecting all areas. Our team ensure tables are as clear as possible at all times and are all trained in our processes and procedures.

Do you have toilet facilities?
Our toilet facilities are currently only open to guests during private events.