• SIP Coffee House & Patisserie

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SIP Coffee House & Patisserie

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Build Your Own Patisserie Box

You can now create your own patisserie box online. Mix and match all of our 'posh cakes' to create a box thats perfect for you.

Let's Go!

The Patisserie Box


Very Low Gluten


Coffee and cake made simple

Have you ever been into one of those thousands of coffee and cake shops who are all doing it the same? Asking that same annoying question "Small, Medium or Large". Well if you've ever met us, you'll know but we like to do things a little bit different around here. No different sizes, no confusing prices, no menus with a 100 different drinks combinations on them.

Our coffee comes in one size, the perfect size. Because life is complicated enough. 

Our Opening Times
Monday to Saturday - 10.00am to 4.00pm
Sunday - CLOSED
(Come on guys! We need a break too!)

Visit Us

SIP Coffeehouse & Patisserie

located at

29 High Street
Pershore | WR10 1AA

If you are collecting from us please follow our safe collection guidelines on our ordering pages.